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on-the-ground execution


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SVI Business Development

You’ll maximize your resources when you receive a complete go-to-market strategy created for you by a leading business development expert, with your input. Then, you’ll get 20 weeks of on-the-ground execution, while you oversee the progress. Plus, you gain access to a global distribution channel through our international partners, who operate in over 35 countries worldwide.

A dedicated representative, tailored to your market, will execute your strategy
Fixed Price
A single project-based fixed price will take the place of monthly bills or costly hourly charges
You’ll get result-based services and complete transparency into your business development
An international distribution channel is available in more than 35 countries with 3,000+ account executives
A seasoned mentor specializing in your market will work with you daily
A clear strategy for success will be drawn up for you

Why SVI Business Development?

You already have a business model that works, and you have a killer technology product that’s world-ready. What you lack is the necessary infrastructure and actionable insight that will accelerate your go to market through the smallest details. You need more than just advice. You need action.

We define milestones and tasks with you before the agreement is made
You receive a clear business strategy so you don’t waste a single minute or dollar
You have access to instant distribution and sales channels in 35+ different countries

We take on the burden of business building and, at the same time, guide you toward global growth.

Yur strategic mentor provides access to a wide network, significantly increasing your odds for success

You always have complete insight into the process and operations

Y ou’ll have access to our SVI Hub workspace in Silicon Valley

You don't just get advice, you get action

SVI Business Development: Coming Soon!

The SVI Hub

A partnership with SVI Business Development comes with a dedicated workspace at our Hub, where you can host clients and access resources designed for an innovative and global network of entrepreneurs and established businesses. You’re also invited to attend exclusive Hub events to connect with founders, investors and experts in Silicon Valley.

Receive Updates

What is SVI?

Silicon Valley Ignite is an Ecosystem, a one-stop destination for all the resources you need to launch and grow in Silicon Valley. SVI offers access to an innovative community of mentors, investors and world-class businesses. This community provides all the necessary resources that position you for success. Get ready to turn your vision into reality.

Why SVI?

SVI understands the power of community, which is why our mission is to create a vibrant environment that is conducive to the growth and success of you and your business. We have designed an approach that utilizes the best practices of leading corporations. Our unbeatable services facilitate innovative solutions and business development. These services include:

Join an innovative and global network.
SVI Corporate Innovation
Transform your corporation with the latest technologies, industry leaders and top talent.
SVI Accelerator
Ignite your startup's success with SVI's one-on-one mentorships.
SVI Business Development
Expand your corporation with the ultimate business development service in Silicon Valley.
SVI Academy
Take your business to the next level through an abundance of events and resources.

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